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TelePsychiatry Associates can provide psychotherapy and counseling using a video connection from your own home, office, or any private location that you find convenient.  Our HIPAA-compliant technology and software platform can connect with any device that has a camera and an internet connection such as your smart phone, tablet, or computer. Various psychological problems such as addictions, mood disorders, anxiety problems, and inter-personal conflicts can be addressed with a TelePsychiatry Associates therapist using our secure and private technology. You can view provider profiles on the website as well as review fees and available dates and times in the scheduling calendar.  You will also find information regarding the types of insurance accepted by each provider within their profile.     

About Telepsychiatry Associates!

TelePsychiatry Associates, LLC practitioners are skilled in the practice of treating a wide variety of different conditions in a compassionate manner including: depression, bipolar affective disorder, substance dependency, opiate dependency including Suboxone treatment, anxiety disorders, post-traumatic stress disorder, trauma related to sexual or physical abuse, and weight loss management, among others.

The types of treatments provided will depend upon your practitioner and the problems needing attention. The first one to two sessions will involve critical listening in order to obtain a comprehensive understanding of the issues at hand. Treatments that follow could include the discriminating use of medication, empathic psychotherapy, or some combination of both. If appropriate, additional therapeutic treatments may be employed including other psychotherapists, group therapies, structured activities, assigned readings, etc.

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