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Feel free to browse our selection of educational videos!  You will find an assortment of topics to choose from including real case studies, patient testimonials, and neuroscience.  New videos will be added over time, so be sure to check often for updates.  

Please be aware that some videos involve mature topics with graphic and sometimes violent subject matter.  It is not our philospohy to only present the "rosy" side of life, but rather a more realistic perspective on mental disorders and treatment - both the positive outcomes and the unfortunate circumstances.  We believe that the best decisons regarding one's mental health and treatment choices can only come from a fully informed background.  Videos with "warning" labels are not recommended for children and adolescents.  Please use discretion when choosing which videos to view. 



Addiction: Case Studies

Unimaginable Consequences: The Case of Lilith

A young mother looking for crack cocaine finds unimaginable consequences

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Deceit in Disguise: The Case of Moe


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Unforgettable Memories: The Case of David

The consequences of alcoholism and driving under the influence can be forever.

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Addiction: Patient Testimonials (Jessica)

My Addiction: How it Started

Jessica talks about becoming addicted to opioids

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My Addiction: The Consequences

Jessica discusses the more advanced stages of her addiction and the consequences.

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My Addiction: First Treatment Experience

Jessica describes her first treatment for addiction.

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My Addiction: Suboxone Success

Jessica talks about the positive benefits to buprenorphine (Suboxone) treatment.

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My Addiction: TelePsychiatry Associates

Jessica talks about her experience with TelePsychiatry Associates.

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Addiction: Patient Testimonials (Sandra)

Being Addicted to Opioids: How it Started

Sandra talks about her first exposure to opioids and the early years of addiction

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Being Addicted to Opioids: The struggle and consequences

Sandra talks about the consequences of addiction and her experience in treatment with TelePsychiatry Associates

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Being Addicted to Opioids: Overdose

Sandra talks about an accidental overdose with opioids

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Being Addicted to Opioids: Treatment with Suboxone

Sandra talks about some of the challenges of treatment.

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Being Addicted to Opioids: Advice to Others

Sandra talks about what advise she would give others, including her children, about drug use and addiction.

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Video Memorials

A Video Memorial

A Video Memorial of Cultural Icons

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Video on Drug Statistics

Drug & Alcohol Use Statistics in the U.S.

Watch a short video on the statistics of drug and alcohol use in the US

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About Telepsychiatry Associates!

TelePsychiatry Associates, LLC practitioners are skilled in the practice of treating a wide variety of different conditions in a compassionate manner including: depression, bipolar affective disorder, substance dependency, opiate dependency including Suboxone treatment, anxiety disorders, post-traumatic stress disorder, trauma related to sexual or physical abuse, and weight loss management, among others.

The types of treatments provided will depend upon your practitioner and the problems needing attention. The first one to two sessions will involve critical listening in order to obtain a comprehensive understanding of the issues at hand. Treatments that follow could include the discriminating use of medication, empathic psychotherapy, or some combination of both. If appropriate, additional therapeutic treatments may be employed including other psychotherapists, group therapies, structured activities, assigned readings, etc.

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